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XYZone Cream™


XYZone Cream™ offers all the neuroprotective, cardiovascular and hormonal benefits of its sister cream Calm Cream™ but with less bio-identical progesterone  (40mg/pump) and more virility enhancing hormones  (DHEA 40mg/pump) and these powerful seeds:

Hemp – calming and anti-inflammation

Grape – anti-inflammation,

Broccoli – anti estrogen and pro-testosterone

CBD – anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant,

Pumpkin – prostate support

Celery – anxiolytic and calming and focusing

Coconut – cognitive enhancement, lipid support, ketogenic

Clary sage-


Coconut – memory enhancing,

Flax – anti-inflammation

Frankincense –  anxiolytic, anti-inflammation (supports asthma)

Bergamot – calming, anxiolytic, lipid lowering, anti-inflammation

Cranberry – anti- estrogen and – get this guys: prostate relief,

All of these powerful seeds enhance virility and focus.

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XYZone Cream™    1 pump bottle has 3 oz and lasts a month

This name XYZone™ reminds us that men have the XY chromosome  whereas women have the XX chromosome and when you use this, you get “in the zone”.

XYZone™ cream  is a cosmetic cream which delivers male enhancing bioidentical hormones (progesterone and DHEA) and these vitalizing seeds:  hemp, pumpkin,  broccoli, CBD, celery, grape, coconut, clary sage,, coconut, flax, frankeincense, bergamot, and cranberry. All of these enhance virility and the cranberry in particular unburdens the prostate.

  1. a) contains DHEA and CBD along with a wide variety of seed oils (hemp)
  2. b) men benefit from progesterone for increased focus (be in the zone)
  3. c) special male enhancing seeds — broccoli (blocks estrogen, boosts testosterone)

Now if you have not yet got the memo that progesterone is not just for women but that YOU, a man, require supplemental bio-identical progesterone as you age, then read THIS powerful article and get shopping!



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