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OxyAssist™ delivers oxygen in a stabilized molecular form to tissues starved for oxygen. This support healthy respiration when people are oxygen deprived either because of chronic illnesses or  short-term athletic exertion.

OxyAssist™ is a tried and proven, unique, entirely legal,  Athletic Performance Enhancement which is also a powerful nutritional supplement offering stabilized molecular oxygen in a context of stacked hydrogen and stacked carbon.  (Yes carbon itself is an essential nutrient!) This proprietary process offers demonstrable benefit within minutes.  Buy yourself a finger pulse oximeter and monitor the amazing improvement.  Doctors offer OxyAssist™ to patients suffering with low oxygen saturation from illnesses like pneumonia or congestive heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,  but the biggest uses are athletes who want the impressive “turbo charge” which only OxyAssist™ offers.


For NON athletes but people who need more oxygen in their system, OxyAssist™ helps immediately.


OxyAssist™is a Bio-Active Carbon Complex which delivers abundant stabilized bioavailable oxygen to cells and to mitochondria. OxyAssist™ is made from a transparent plant derived acid that consists of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen which is then “stacked” so as to augment concentration. Since the oxygen content is as high as the carbon content similar to carbohydrates, OxyAssist™ is very stable, making afe for contact to the human cell and beneficial microbes. OxyAssist™ gives your body’s microbial population a good supply of Bio-Active Carbon Compounds to assist in tissue health.  Active carbons repair DNA and RNA  i.e. tissue healer (oral and topical). OxyAssist™ can also be used as a vitamin or herbal mix chelator, buffer and as a surfactant. OxyAssist™  offers the industry’s highest amount of active carbon and oxygen content in any solution. No other product has even half as much carbon or oxygen in the solution. The benefits of OxyAssist™  are measurable by finger pulse oximetry. There is NO unstable oxygen (i.e. hydrogen peroxide or ozone) in OxyAssist™.



  • Oral – direct application to tongue then swallow
  • Oral – add 10 drops to 4 oz of water and drink
  • Inhaling – Nebulize to deliver stabilized oxygen
  • Topical -Massage in topically to deliver stabilized oxygen



 Adults: 10 drops twice daily with or without food, can place in 8 oz water and drink 2x/day

  Children: 14 and under consult your qualified physician

Geriatrics:  10 drops under tongue or in 4 oz water – drink this mixture 6 times a day

Cancer Patients: 10 drops under tongue or in 4 oz water – drink this mixture 10 times a day



OxyAssist™ contains high concentrations of molecular stabilized oxygen (O2) which helps with problems resulting from continued drops in cell voltage related to chronic pain, shortness of breath,  high altitude exposure, inflammation, a decrease in oxygen levels, acute and chronic disease and infections involving pathological transition from aerobic respiration to anaerobic fermentation at the cellular level. In addition, these Bio-Active Carbon Compounds assist in the rebuilding of the cellular RNA and DNA.


Interaction with other medical substances

Taking OxyAssist™within 1 hour of any medication may enhance the effects of the medication just as OxyAssist™  enhances the absorption and bio-availability of food and nutritional supplements.


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