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Calm Cream™ – bioidentical Progesterone cream with calming seeds


Calm Cream™ is the world’s premiere cosmetic calming cream for people who are bothered by too much stress.  Safe and effective and all natural, Calm Cream is formulated with organic celery seeds and other calming seeds (hemp, lavender, grape, flax and sunflower) which are not sedating – just calming.  Think topical Zen – be in the eye of the storm buy calm.  Calm Cream is the only organic, non-GMO seeds based progesterone cream on the market which offer 7.5% progesterone with a preservative free, lavender scent idea for managing your state of mind.

One pump on inner wrist and then rub wrist to wrist delivers 75mg of bio-identical progesterone as well as a chorus of beneficial seed oils.

If you are unclear regarding the benefits of bio-identical progesterone in CONTRAST to fake progesterones like progestin or medroxyprogesterone acetate,  read this POWERFUL article.


CALM CREAM ™  offers the highest dose of all-natural, organic,  bio-identical progesterone (a powerful anti-aging hormone with anti-cancer forces as well as superb cosmetic benefits),  but,  when enhanced by calming (but not sedating) seeds such as those from celery, grape, flax, hemp, sunflowers and lavender, Calm Cream™  blocks adrenalin and allows people with panic or anxiety or stress to feel calm, collected and focused in the midst of the storms of life.

Calm and focus are delivered with organic seeds and bio-identical Progesterone 7.5%.    One pump delivers 75mg of bio-identical progesterone.

FOR CLINICIANS:   read this article first 

and enjoy this Testimonial from a Medical Doctor.

Progesterone, A Most Wondrous Hormone

By Michael Gerber, MD, HMD

For the past several years Gerber Medical Clinic has been using Calm Creamtm to treat many grateful patients. Formulated by our great friend Bradford S. Weeks, MD, it is a high-dose progesterone cream, 75 mg per pump. OTC progesterone is 20 mg per pump — some creams go up to 50 mg per pump. He has added other calming herbs such as hemp, lavender, grape, flax and sunflower. The cream when applied topically is calming because it is a parent hormone of the adrenal cortex, the outside of the adrenal glands, which sit on the kidneys and give us stable blood sugar and good sleep. This is not a drug but a bioidentical hormone like we make in our bodies. It is not the stuff used in birth control pills or regular menopausal therapy.

Progesterone is useful for all because it is not feminizing. I always thought it was because progesterone literally means for the pregnancy and increases 40-fold during pregnancy. It was unfortunately named progesterone in 1947 when it was discovered. It is important to use in children and men as well as women and doesn’t grow breasts. Estrogen, of course, does.

One day in the office a two-week-old child was brought in by her parents with colic, was screaming and crying with her back bowed backwards. The mother was nursing but had eaten a triple cheese pizza the night before and mom’s milk obviously didn’t agree with the baby. After applying a small grape-size dot of cream to the baby’s forearm, I rubbed it in. Within two minutes the child was asleep and out of pain. Wow!

It is terrific for ADD and ADHD children. They will ask for it when they are anxious, fearful or feel out of control. Autistic spectrum children also frequently respond very well. Parents love it especially after the kids get into sugar and have a hypoglycemic rage or won’t sleep. Progesterone blocks adrenalin by enhancing MAO, an enzyme which digests adrenalin out of the system and enhances GABA one of our relaxing, calming brain chemicals. Also, it is a terrific pre-treatment for public speaking and test taking.

I always take the patient’s pulse and if it is fast, I ask if they feel anxious. If the patient responds they feel anxious, I ask on a scale of 0 to 10 how bad is it. Frequently, the patient says 8 or 10 or 12. Next I ask if it is OK to do an experiment with progesterone and test it with EAV before applying the cream, because very rarely it has paradoxical effect and is not well tolerated. Then I give a big squirt of cream on the forearms and ask the patient to rub it in between the arms and wrists. After a three to five-minute wait, I ask the patient how their anxiety is now. Frequently the 10 goes to a 3 or 4 and generally they look amazed and ask, “could I be calm”?


One of the great qualities of progesterone as I have mentioned is that it blocks adrenalin. At night if patients have a weak adrenal gland from stress or toxicity, they don’t store blood sugar well in their livers. When the blood sugar drops at 3 a.m., the brain kicks in the adrenalin made in the middle of the adrenal gland and converts protein and fat into blood sugar so the patient doesn’t die. It also wakes them up with anxiety, rapid heart rate and the mind goes to unsolved problems of the day aggravating the stress. Progesterone when applied at that time frequently puts the patient back to sleep in three to five minutes. Applying before bed is also helpful for sleep.

Female Helper

Most female hormone ills can be helped by progesterone. Painful periods and PMS can be resolved in about two menstrual cycles. Infertility has long been treated by progesterone as well as miscarriage. It can be used all through the pregnancy and postpartum. Applied daily it heals the uterus and can treat endometriosis, prevent fibroid tumors of the uterus, ovarian cysts, sore breasts, (not breast cancer), heavy periods with thyroid and estrogen dominance symptoms. If attempting to conceive apply only day 18 through 28 of the menstrual cycle. Be warned some gynecologists don’t know what progesterone is. They think it is Provera, a synthetic progestogen which blocks progesterone.


Applying progesterone cream to sides of the neck at the first sign of a headache can help relieve them along with application to the wrists and forearms. It also helps relieve sore muscles everywhere and is an invaluable addition to our healing armamentarium.

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