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Lapis Lane Raw Organic Honey


Raw, Organic, non-GMO Honey is liquid gold.

Eat it! Smear it! Love it!

Nature’s healthiest natural sweetener.



Raw, organic, non-GMO honey is a treasure.

Not just for sweetening your life, but as a medicine.

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Honegar is the healthiest energy drink which also helps with weight loss and optimizing digestion on the planet.

How to make honegar?

Mix 1 tablespoon raw, organic non-GMO honey and 1 tablespoon organic apple cider vinegar in 8 oz hot water in the winter and cold water in the summer and you’ll start buzzing!

Much of the honey sold in America is adulterated. The first mistake is that beekeepers, for economic reasons, heat up the raw and viscous honey to make it flow like water which cooks and destroys the amazingly beneficial living enzymes in the raw honey!  Enzymes? How did they get into the honey?  (Think bee vomit – that is what honey is!)  How can you be assured that your honey is RAW?  Put is teaspoon in a glass or hot water and look for the bubbles to be released indicating that hydrogen peroxide is being liberated and it forms a thin head atop your tea. That is living honey.  The second mistake you can make in buying honey is to by adulterated honey. How does that happen? The FDA allows cheap, watered down, adulterated honey from China and other third world countries to flood the US market.  In addition,  glyphosate from the herbicide RoundUp™, the #1 health risk in our food and water has been, found in commercially sold honey.




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