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Far Infra Red Sauna

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The RELAX SAUNA is what Dr. Weeks and his family uses.  Powerful, fast acting, deep-cleansing and centsible (safe effective and cost-effective!)  

How Does the Relax FIR Sauna Stack Up to Others?

The Relax Sauna radiator is the most advanced of any FIR Light generator, and generates the purest, cleanest, most intense soothing light of any FIR Sauna that we have encountered. The Sit-Up version of the Relax Sauna uses 1500 watts of energy, and generates a very intense healing light energy with computer-programmed ceramic semi-conductor chips that filters out all NON-healing energies and a reflecting tent that penetrates deep into human tissues over and over and over again. Unlike a tanning bed, the Relax Sauna will NEVER burn the skin. However, the FIR heat will open the pores in the skin and provoke the body to sweat out waste and toxins.

Compare it to the pieces of cloth and hot plates, or healing coils of any other portable sauna made in China. There really is no comparison. The Relax Sauna is made in Taiwan, which is known for quality.

Check out the various links on your left to learn more about the Relax Sauna and its many health benefits. We have compiled information from around the internet extolling the virtues of bathing in Far Infrared Ray light.
The Relax Sauna is the ONLY Portable Sauna we know of that generates between 95%-99% safe & absorbable Far Infrared Light.

After several years of selling the Relax Sauna, we were shocked to discover that every other portable “FIR” sauna generates only about 30% far infrared Light. They use a far infrared cloth which covers a metallic grid, or hotplate. It appears that there is no legal definition regulating what can be called a FIR Sauna.  When you see a sauna advertised as FIR, It means to me that it is at least 25% FIR Energy being generated. Each company “Should” be able to tell you what percentage of the generated light in their sauna is FIR light (healing light). NOTE: The remaining percentage of generated light CANNOT be absorbed by your body. Unfortunately, most individuals selling these saunas have NO CLUE that their saunas are NOT even close to 100% FIR.

On the other hand, our technology is the same as that in our Sky Eye Radiator. The Sky Eye Radiator has been issued a 510(k) number by the FDA, designating it as a medical device.  We  use a patented semi-conductor chip to generate the healing FIR Light. The FDA has also confirmed that the light generated by our Sky Eye Radiator technology is guaranteed to be 100% absorbable FIR (healing) light.

FOR MORE INFO on this technology  study at THIS LINK

Walk in wood saunas are more expensive and if you plan to buy one instead of a RELAX FIR sauna, be certain to shop carefully:
– buy solid wood and avoid composite or fiber board filler which off-gasses toxins at 130 deg.  – popular is the best wood
– buy hypoallergenic wood and avoid volatile turpines
– avoid carbon and hydrocarbon heaters from China which emit electro pollution.  Swedish ceramic heaters  with no measurable EMF are the best


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