Calm Cream™


Calm Cream is the world’s premiere cosmetic calming cream for people who are bothered by too much stress.  Safe and effective and all natural, Calm Cream is formulated with organic celery seeds and other calming seeds (hemp, lavender, grape, flax and sunflower) which are not sedating – just calming.  Think topical Zen – be in the eye of the storm buy calm.  Calm Cream is the only organic, non-GMO seeds based progesterone cream on the market which offer 7.5% progesterone with a preservative free, lavender scent idea for managing your state of mind.

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All-natural, organic,  bio-identical Progesterone is a powerful anti-aging hormone with anti-cancer forces as well as superb cosmetic benefits,  but when enhanced by calming seeds such as those from celery, grape, flax, hemp, sunflowers and lavender, Calm CreamTM  blocks adrenalin and allows people with panic or anxiety or stress to feel calm and collected, focused in the midst of the storms of life.

Calm and focus with organic seeds and bio-identical Progesterone 7.5%.