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Pleasure Enhancer


Pleasure Enhancer

We have had many many satisfied customers – male and female – report back success with this all natural herbal blend from the Philippines.


Pleasure Enhancer

According to the Philippine company that manufactures this all-natural herbal blend, they claim:

“This is not Viagra. This is an erectile enhancer. This helps maintain healthy corporea cavernosa to support erection, intensity, sensitivity and satisfaction. It comea with the following warning according to the manufacturer “ may promote splendid orgasm. May elevate your partner’s satisfaction.”

INGREDIENTS: Proprietary Blend 250 mg: Isoflavones, Daidzein, Red Yam Extract, Luya Extract (Ginger), Tugue Extract, Saponin Extract, Miroestrol, Dyoxymiroestrol, Coumestan Glycosides, Courestrol, Cyperus rotandus L. Extract (Nut Grass), Higher Flavonoids.


NO sugar, lactose, artificial colors or flavorings, yeast, or preservatives.


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