All ingredients are GRAS with no conflicts with professional, collegiate or Olympic rules.  Quite simply: More oxygen is better when you are burning up in high performance, so turbo charge your performance results with Turb-O2.

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Turb-O2 is a tried and proven, unique, entirely legal,  athletic performance enhancement nutritional supplement offering stabilized molecular oxygen in a context of stacked hydrogen and stacked carbon.  (Yes carbon itself is an essential nutrient!) This proprietary and un-reverse engineerable process offers demonstrable benefit within minutes.  Buy yourself a finger pulse oximeter and monitor the amazing improvement.  Doctors offer Turb-O2 to patients suffering with low oxygen saturation from illnesses like pneumonia or congestive heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,  but the biggest uses are athletes who want the impressive “turbo charge” which only Turb-O2 offers.



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