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Anti-Aging Rx

Anti-Aging Rx is a 100% natural growth hormone secretogogue (meaning it increases the secretion of your own HGH) which increases your healthy levels of HGH by increasing you natural production and secretion of this critically important master hormone.

Anti-Aging Rx has been impressing the general medical population since 2006. After 5 years, Anti-Aging Rx was considered to be significantly beneficial for over 90% of the customers as demonstrated by improvements in blood levels of IGF-l/IGFBP-3 – the two important markers of growth hormone. Healthy blood levels improved by a remarkable 50-300%.

Subsequent work on optimizing dosages resulted in the following wisdom: customers could get a better rise in the production of GH-agents by using 4-6 sprays at bedtime and not needing a morning dose. Blood levels are the best to meter your response to Anti-Aging Rx.

Hormones 101: If we produce a hormone below the ideal level (threshold) our body tries to increase the production until we optimize. If we manufacture a specific hormone above the ideal level our body will shut off the production of the hormone until it drops below the ideal (threshold) level. When this happens, your blood test results will look as if Anti-Aging Rx dropped your hormone level. It did not, but this is a sign that you really just need less Anti-Aging Rx.


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