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Berberine Plus™

The most prominent of berberine’s pharmacological properties are its beneficial effects on insulin and blood glucose management. Berberine exerts its effects independently of the mechanism of metformin and other common hypoglycemic agents so the compound may be used alone or in conjunction with conventional pharmaceutical drugs. In fact, berberine has been shown to be as effective as metformin and lowering fasting blood glucose and hemaglobin A1C levels.

There are multiple mechanisms behind berberine’s influence on blood glucose control and insulin sensitivity. In diabetics using insulin, the addition of berberine resulted in increased fasting in postprandial c-peptide, which suggests that long-term use of berberine might improve insulin secretion in patients who failed to respond to oral hypoglycemic drugs. Berberine helps carbo-addicts who craves sugar and carbs because it  inhibits the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates by interfering and inhibiting with the enzymes related to that function. Berberine also uses oxidative stress and helps reduce strain on the liver.

Berberine Plus™ is the most full spectrum barberry root formula available. It contains the high amounts of the naturally occurring berberine alkaloid needed for reliable effectiveness.  But more importantly, it also includes besides the actual complete natural root, standardized extracts of the main active ingredients, as well as rhythmically prepared ashes and salts derived from the root. The result is a truly holistic formula to help all three: body, mind and spirit.

Berberine promotes:

  • a normal sugar level;
  • a strong heart function;
  • normal cholesterol levels;
  • a normal inflammatory state;
  • a healthy bile output and digestion;
  • a healthy “upbeat mood”.
  • enhanced benefits of carbolic restriction

Berberine Plus can be taken with or without food.

This Berberine Plus™ formula uniquely incorporates Bioperine, a special black pepper extract that greatly enhances the plasma levels of all active ingredients.



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