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WLF1  is Weight Loss Formula No. 1

Before you go further, take this fat loss quiz and learn what is unique about Real Dose Wight Loss formula No. 1. Then watch the video. It is highly informative. (note the satisfaction guarantee or money back assurance).

This formula corrects the 4 hormones which make you fat. It increases Adiponectin (the hormone to burn fat for fuel) and lowers Ghrelin (the carbo craving hormone) and lowers the Insulin (the Fat Storage hormone) and lowers Cortisol.

Therefore, taking Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 will increase your ability to burn fat, decrease carbo craving (snacking especially at night) direct the carbohydrates which you do eat to the goal of burning muscle and making energy but NOT to being stored as fat and… increases your mood and energy!

High cortisol causes craving, breaks down muscle, makes fat get stored as belly fat and also causes depression and binge eating for mood support.


So What Is Real Dose and What Are The Ingredients For Real Dose?

Real dose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 contains a blend of ingredients that the makers claim will help you lose weight by addressing some common hormonal issues that can block weight loss.

Amounts given are per capsule and not daily dose.

Proprietary blend of two ingredients (300mg):

  • Dolichos Biflorus (seed) extract: This climbing plant is cultivated in India for food and animal food and is known as horse gram or poor man’s pulse. It is a glycoprotein.
  • Betel (Piper betle) (leaf) extract. This nut in raw form is chewed in mostly Asian countries because of its mild stimulant psychoactive effects.
  • The two ingredients were tested together and found to have an anti adipogenic efficacy. The idea is that you burn more fat while feeling less hungry.
  • Clinical research tested this formula on 50 people over an 8 week period. It showed positive results and participants lost more weight by using the supplement than the placebo.
  • The study was carried by Sengupta K, Mishra AT, Rao MK, Sarma KV, Krishnaraju AV, Trimurtulu G in India. Prior to the human trials, the same team also tested the formula on mice and found equally positive results. Source:
  • Svetol: Decaffinated green coffee bean extract (133.33mg, 400mg per daily serving). Unroasted or immature coffee beans are high in chlorogenic acid. This is believed to be- linked to weight loss because it inhibits the release of glucose into the blood stream.
  • Most clinical trials suggest that green coffee bean extract caused some weight loss although in some cases results were minimal.
  • Svetol is a patented brand and contains a decaffeinated form of Green coffee bean extract, which means you will not get the caffeine side effects. Source:
  • Siberian Rhodiola Rosea extract (113mg): Comes from wild plant Golden Root and is taken as a supplement in Russia to combat depression. It may have an anti fatigue effect and it seems to be effective against mild depression. According to the Real Dose information, Rhodiola reduces Cortisol levels and can reduce belly fat but there is no evidence that this works.
  • We can find nothing to prove this effect. However, there is evidence that Rhodiola is effective for treatment for depression and as depression can lead to over eating; we can see the link to potential weight loss. Source:
  • Bioperine (5mg): Patented black pepper supplement that is used in many other supplements. It is believed to increase the effects of the other ingredients as well as contribute to fat burning.


So What Does All This Mean?

This supplement has some unusual ingredients, which directly act on your hormones, and all seem to require further proof that they will actually work.

The clinical trial that examined the proprietary blend of two ingredients looked promising for example but it is only one trial carried out on 50 people and further evidence is necessary.

We have learned from Hoodia that appetite suppressants that trick your brain into not eating, don’t always work. It is important to remember that some of the clinical testing on Hoodia looked good too, that is until it was disproved.

Yes, there is a link that low mood and depression will lead to weight gain but this does not necessarily mean that you will lose belly fat or burn fat simply by taking this supplement.

Cortisol is a stress hormone and learning how to relax and reduce stress by natural methods such as yoga, exercise or simply listening to music or relaxation therapies may be better for your health than simply taking a supplement.  Note:  high night-time cortisol is dangerous, it is an independent risk factor for developing cancer!




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