Glyphosate testing – Urine


Time to test your glyphosate toxic load and create health at long last.


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Why our lab is the best for testing glyphosate i.e.“RoundUp™” load:

Dr. Weeks has examined all the reputable laboratories which offer glyphosate testing and concluded that HRI Labs has the most sensitive test of any available in North America with limit of detection (LOD) for glyphosate in urine at 0.03 ppb.

At $99 per test, HRI Labs has the most affordable glyphosate test in urine.

HRI Labs testing of glyphosate in urine is part of a larger study on human exposure. Participants benefit from their individual test results AND to advancement of science.

HRI Labs is directed by Dr. John Fagan. Dr. Fagan earned his PhD in microbiology and biochemistry from Cornell. He is a former NIH researcher. He founded Genetic-ID, the GMO testing company that started the Non-GMO Verified Project. He is also co-author of GMO Myths and Truths: A Citizen’s Guide to the Evidence on the Safety and Efficacy of Genetically Modified Crops and Foods.

I suggest you contact SAFALAB 360-341-2303 or email and order your glyphosate testing today.

To learn more about this plague of the 21st Century:   READ THIS LINK



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