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ORGANIC Coffee is a powerful medicinal plant and drinking brewed coffee has many benefits.

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ORGANIC Coffee is a powerful medicinal plant and drinking brewed coffee has many benefits.

As a medical doctor, I endorse coffee as a healthy drink UNTIL people add unhealthy junk such as sugar and dairy (cream milk) or non-dairy creamer.

Millions of people worldwide LOVE to drink coffee. In the US alone $3.48 billion in U.S. coffee sales in 2014, a more than 21 percent increase over the annual sales average in the previous three years.
What most people don’t know is that millions of people are drinking coffee loaded with toxic ingredients setting people up for diseases. Studies indicate that Decaffeinated or Regular Coffee have been found to have huge concentration of the chemical Trichloroethylene which is mainly used as a de-greaser in the metal industry and as a solvent and dry cleaning agent in the clothing industry.

Trichloroethylene is related to the plastic chemical vinyl chloride, that has been linked to certain types of liver cancer.
Some coffee planters have used these deadly pesticides on their plants for over 30 years.

Some other toxins in coffee include:
– Aldrin – is a persistent, bioacculumative insecticide
– Dieldrin – is a persistent, bioacculumative insecticide
– Chlordane – is a pesticide used on agricultural, gardens, ect….
– Heptachlor – is a cyclodiene insecticide (Most TOXIC)
* Google search this – Coffee Toxic Ingredients

So be excited that you can now drink the world’s healthiest “Better than Organic” coffee,
What does “better than organic” mean?
It is an ugly fact fact that Certified Organic is a worthless term which has been co-opted by Big Agribusiness . See this link to learn about the hollowness of the term:

Our manufacturer tests every batch of each product for toxic pesticides and heavy metals. Frequently, raw materials which are labeled “organic” are found by RAIN to have pesticides and heavy metals. Those raw materials are REFUSED by our manufacturer so our quality of products are “Better than Organic”.  In the case of coffee this is critically important because coffee is the most pesticided food Americans consume.

For more scientific information about the health benefits of coffee, see  and search “coffee”.

Introducing FUSED ™   – the world’s healthiest coffee!

infused with seed oils and an exotic ancient Chinese herb



For 30 years, Dr. Weeks has been urging people to drink less coffee and more good quality water. That is a tough sell because the caffeine in coffee is addictive.!   So, if you already consume caffeinated drinks on a daily basis (coffee, tea, soda pop, hot chocolate) then Dr. Weeks recommends switching to FUSED ™ – the world’s healthiest coffee. You will notice the coffee is not acidic (no more heart burn!) and you won’t need decaf coffee because FUSED ™ is infused with medicinal plant ingredients which block the caffeine


FUSED ™   is the healthiest coffee on earth for these reasons:


1) FUSED ™ is made from whole, organic non-GMO artisan coffee beans which, after the roasting process are infused with 4 organic anti-inflammatory seed oils: black cumin seed oil, grape seed oil, pomegranate seed oil and grapefruit seed oil. In addition to the powerful seed oils, we add the immune enhancing Ganoderma Lucidium, also known as the red reishi mushroom which was, for 4000 years, considered the most valuable medicinal mushroom in China. The “Emperor’s Herb” contains nutrients that can help the human body to maintain its health, or improve its level of health if there are problems. It was a stroke of genius to add this tasteless powdered healing mushroom to delicious coffee and create FUSED


2) Coffee is the most pesticided food Americans eat because most coffee is grown in pesticided soil, sprayed with pesticides and because coffee is an oily bean it retains the toxins releasing them in your hot brewed morning drink. STOP DRINKING pesticide-drenched coffee.   DRINK ORGANIC COFFEE – the healthiest of which is FUSED


3) Coffee is a delivery system for unhealthy sweets:

Coffee is a health food being, as it is, rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants and bitters which assist digestion until we add “candy” (cream and sugar, or worse, trans-fatty acid non-dairy creamer or worse still, Italian soda rich in sugar!) Coffee is a delivery system for sweeteners and dairy. Starbucks sells more dairy product than it does coffee! Our Irish friends know that coffee is a delivery system. Ever enjoyed Irish coffee?


Cost $0.70 cents a cup.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

For more information about the world’s healthiest coffee, go to and use Upline User ID # 134239 or feel free to call us at 360-341-2303 for information on wholesale orders  ($22 a box).


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